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Due to some family health issues, Joffer Family Ranch has suspended operations for Skinny Beef® sales and production. We aren’t sure yet how permanent this decision will be or if we might be able to find someone to take the business and run with it. However, for now, we want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers and fans of our product. We apologize for the abrupt notice, we had hoped to continue, but it has become clear that we need to close our doors indefinitely. Thanks again and feel free to reach out to us if you know of someone who would like to take on the challenge of this fun business with lots of potential, as the eCommerce site and business is now available to the right person.



Greetings from the Joffer Family Ranch!

We are a small family farm located in southwest Oregon and our mission is to provide low calorie, high protein ground beef with extremely low fat content to all types of athletes and health conscious individuals, particularly bodybuilders. We provide a beef protein option for your diet as ground beef can be used for all kinds of typically not so healthy meals like burgers, meatloaf, tacos, etc. Ground beef can be used in all sorts of dishes and without the fat and calories of regular ground beef, Skinny Beef® greatly expands meal choices.

The picture above was taken in our lower pasture showing the original type of cattle we used for Skinny Beef®. What an amazing journey this has been. It all started with my passion for competing in Team Roping, weight training, diet and exercise.

Team roping is a rodeo event with its roots in ranching in order to doctor cattle out in the open range. It has evolved into a huge cowboy sport with events and competitions all over the country. For these events, a special breed of steers are used that are smaller, and lighter…well, leaner…and with horns to rope just like those in this picture from our home here in southern Oregon.

On occasion, at the end of a season, or when the steers got too big to rope, we would keep one or two to have for our own beef and we noticed something very interesting: there wasn’t any fat in the pan when we fried up hamburger for taco meat! I got to thinking about how lean protein is the key to body building and how athletes of all kinds would love to have access to this kind of meat.

So, my wife and I decided that we really should market this beef and we came up with all kinds of names and finally settled on a favorite: “Skinny Beef®”. We got the trademark, got the website URL, bought some steers, bought some freezers and off we went. We had a lot to learn about shipping, about websites, social media, and about our customers, etc.

However, here we are today. Still going, and still growing. We are now using a fulfillment center in the Midwest, now using beef grown by other folks so we can keep up with demand and do a better job at making each batch perfect in color, in nutrients, and in fat content, etc. So, feel free to give us a try, you won’t regret it. It’s really good stuff.

As you may have noticed, we’re trying to get better at using social media and our kids are now helping in that regard – so hopefully you will see some improvements. Also, we are hitting a few bodybuilding shows, at least on the west coast, and we are working on getting the word out. It isn’t rocket-science, Skinny Beef is not more processed to take fat out. The process is super simple…lean beef cuts go into a grinder, and out comes lean ground beef. Only one ingredient goes in, and only one product comes out, we like to keep it simple.

So if you want 98% lean ground beef, want it delivered to your door, whether you are cutting calories or cutting up with a pre-contest diet, put in an order and let us know how you like it. We love to hear from our Skinny Beef customers and we wish you all the very best!


image004.jpgAndrew Joffer
Joffer Family Ranch