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Due to some family health issues, Joffer Family Ranch has suspended operations for Skinny Beef® sales and production. We aren’t sure yet how permanent this decision will be or if we might be able to find someone to take the business and run with it. However, for now, we want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers and fans of our product. We apologize for the abrupt notice, we had hoped to continue, but it has become clear that we need to close our doors indefinitely. Thanks again and feel free to reach out to us if you know of someone who would like to take on the challenge of this fun business with lots of potential, as the eCommerce site and business is now available to the right person.



Matt Porter Approved! 

Matt is a Top NPC National Level Bodybuilder, Nutritional Coach to physique athletes worldwide, and monthly Columnist for Flex Magazine.

"Skinny Beef is something truly special. I am beyond impressed with the nutritional profile of this protein source. As a Nutritional Adviser to physique athletes worldwide, I am very particular about what I personally recommend and approve of. 

Beef protein has a powerhouse nutritional profile, but gets heavily scrutinized for its cholesterol and fat content. When you consume beef protein, you get adequate amounts of minerals like iron and zinc, along with B vitamins as well. I get feedback from athletes saying they feel more energized and powerful during training sessions when incorporating beef into their regimen. 

Now I can confidently recommend, and implement ultra-lean beef protein into my athletes nutrition plans -- without excess dietary fat that is found in other beef sources. This product is wonderful for any season --- whether you are dieting for bodybuilding competitions or simply trying to get in shape for your honeymoon.”

 Matt Porter




Eric Broser

NGA Professional Bodybuilder/Judge/Advisory Board, AAEFX Athlete, Iron Man/Planet Muscle Monthly Columnist, Training Coach, Nutritional Consultant, and Author.

My name is Eric Broser and I am a drug-free-for-life professional bodybuilder, physique transformation artist, magazine columnist, author, trainer, contest prep coach, and fitness model. In my opinion there is no source of protein more effective than BEEF when it comes to adding muscle size, enhancing strength, aiding recovery, and igniting the most intense workouts. However, because the tastiest cuts of red meat are usually the ones highest in fat and cholesterol, I tend to shy away from eating beef as often as I'd like. And as a trainer to hundreds of bodybuilders and athletes worldwide, I rarely allow my clients to dine on red meat more than just a few times per week, and even less when getting into top shape for an event.

However, all of this recently changed when I was lucky enough to discover a web site called I could not believe my eyes when I read about a meat with just about the same protein and fat content as the leanest fish or turkey breast! I immediately contacted the owner, Andy Joffer, and after some discussion, he agreed to send me some of his product to try. I honestly thought to myself that if his "skinnybeef" was actually THAT lean, it had to be tough and tasteless. Well, I can tell you that I was dead wrong -- this stuff is juicy, delicious and barely any visible fat seeps off while cooking. This just had to be to good to be true -- but its not! I did my checking...I did my cooking and tasting...then I did some more cooking and tasting -- NOW I AM TOTALLY HOOKED ON SKINNYBEEF!

But there is more! I am proud to announce that and I have joined forces, making me their first endorsed athlete -- and I could not be more thrilled. I only agree to work with companies that produce products that I actually use regularly myself and recommend with the utmost confidence to my hundreds of clients around the country. Not only does Andy Joffer put out a unique and very exciting product that will truly have a far reaching in the fitness community, but he also promises the best service and the most affordable prices possible.

In the short time that I have implemented skinnybeef into my diet I have noticed immediate increases in muscle size, strength and fullness, while at the same time watching my body fat drop almost daily. Never before has dieting been this easy and TASTY!

Skinnybeef has arrived and this is a time for all red meat eaters to unite, cheer and fire up their grills!




Swann De La Rosa


"My name is Swann De La Rosa, I am a professional athlete. Known as a IFBB Pro Figure Athlete. 
An excellent nutrition is very important for me to be a competitive athlete but also because my health is just as important to me. Bodybuilding is my job but it is also my lifestyle! 

I approached SkinnyBeef after being recommended by my nutrition coach. Beef has many benefits in muscle building but when trying to lean out for a competitions, for most people like me, our fat intake has to reduce. It is hard and expensive to find very lean beef. Most athletes end up having to cut out beef all together from their diet and loose some very essential nutrients for muscle building. 

SkinnyBeef has helped me do my job that much better! I eat skinny beef every day during my entire prep as well as on show day. 

I am now the top 5 Figure in the world after bringing my best physique to the mr. Olympia stage in 2016. It was my first time using skinny beef, and not a day has gone since where it isn't part of my daily meals. 

One thing I like is that as lean as it is, it is not dry at all. It is so good!

I would recommend SkinnyBeef to absolutely everyone! But mostly people who need to lose body fat, and build muscle. 

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring.



Dr. Layne Norton

PHD in Nutrition Science - Trainer, Bodybuilder, Power Lifter, Educator

Layne Norton of BioLayne LLC did a great video review on YouTube. Layne is known throughout the industry as a top nutrition expert, as well as a high level bodybuilder, and power lifting beast just to name a few of his attributes and contributions to the fitness community.





Personal Trainer

I'm a personal trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and a Figure Competitor. Almost everything I do is related to health and Fitness. Clean eating and healthy Nutrition is a huge part of my life. I started using Skinny Beef 1 week out from a NPC Show. And All I have to say is "WOW" not only this meat taste absolutely delicious but it is (and stay) moist, juicy and tasty no matter how you cook it. (I love mine on a bed of Jasmince rice) :-) You can even taste how clean it is! Let's talk about perfect protein here. I've been recommending this product to all my clients and to everyone who loves meat and enjoy clean/tasty food. Even My 7 years daughter loves and enjoy her Skinny Beef Burger! Well I won First and Overall :-) I'm currently into my Improvement Season as I will be competing next year at the Nationals. Skinny Beef is part of my DAILY diet. I LOVE red meat and I haven't buy any products from any Supermarket since I've started using Skinny Beef. You definately can't go wrong with this meat => 98% lean, 2%'s Worth every single penny! Andrew is very professional and care about his product like no one else does. He only brings you the best! Delivery is quick and Customer Service is on point! It's a pleasure to do business with Andrew and his SkinnyBeef!!!!



Dominick Cardone

IFBB Professional

Picture I started using SKINNY BEEF 2 weeks out from the NPC Eastern USA. I was very interested in trying it since I was looking for the leanest protein sources possible. The taste was unbelievable for such lean beef. I won the Eastern USA Overall. I than went on to win the NPC Nationals heavyweight class 2 weeks later! I HIGHLY recommend skinny beef for your prep if you are looking for the highest quality of beef possible!



Domenico Cannella

INBF Competitive Bodybuilder, Bass/Vocals for Symphonic Metal Band "OAKENSHIELD"

"I'll start off by saying Skinny Beef is a must have addition to a strength athlete (or any athlete's) diet regimen. For myself, it allowed me to maintain beef (tasty beef at that!) in a low calorie diet (2,000 calories at the peak of contest prep) while still meeting my macro-nutrient requirements.

Not only does this 98% beef taste fantastic despite how lean it is, the quality of the product is nothing short of amazing. In short, this product gets five stars in my book and I would recommend it to anyone.
May Skinny Beef be your guide in the quest for the steel.
-Domenico Cannella"








2889014.pngElijah Levercom

Professional Bodybuilder - Spring Lake, MI


"Hello Andrew,

I recently got your package and I couldn't be more impressed with your product.  Your beef has great flavor and texture I look forward to using your product to help push me closer to my goals.  I also want to let you know that your shirt is a hit as I am wearing that to the gym. Thanks again for your time help and product.

Elijah Levercom"







970102-orig.jpgEd Hall

I ordered your beef before my bodybuilding contest and feel it helped me win my class.